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Akash Das

This is after my second tattoo that she did. A Buddha portrait on my left forearm. This one took 5 hours. I couldn't have been more pleased with the end product. If you go to the same tattoo artist for the second time, it says something. But in this case it does not say enough. She is all smiles right till the moment she presses the foot switch for the first time. Then the stern look of focus takes over. She is not fooling you. She is in the zone. And she will not settle for anything less than perfection.The result is seen clearly in her work and I don't believe anyone will leave dissatisfied. It is astonishing when you see the facts. How far has she come in such a short time. But there is a long way to go and you can take my word for it, this girl is going places. And to you Sukanya Roy, keep up the fantastic work. Your work ethics and passion for your skill will lead you to greatness. I will surely come back for more.

Akash Das -
Agnisekhar Chakraborty

My very first experience of getting ink'd and it was one the best experiences of my life! All credits to the superb artist Sukanya Roy!!! Got the sanskrit shloka "Asato ma sadgamaye" in Devnagari on my upper right arm. The design and fonts beautifully capture the meaning and textual feel! Great set up, great ambience, great care, great artist! I thought I was the most serious about my tattoo till I saw her face will doing her thing! My arm was her canvas and she turned it into a masterpiece! A lot of people and websites said a lot about how much it would hurt, but the minute that needle pierced my skin, I knew I was in great hands! In conclusion,if you want to get ink'd, there's only Ink'dom to go to!!! Looking forward to getting more art done by her!!

Agnisekhar Chakraborty -
Avisek Chowdhury

'Fantabulous!' My first ever tattoo experience and it came out to be soooo perfect! She is a mesmerizing artist and a fantastic person, a perfectionist and a very hard working girl. 10 on 10 you get from me for this Calvin and Hobbes tattoo Sukanya!

Avisek Chowdhury -
Flick Nicoll

I love my Betel nut tree tattoo... I'm from England and was lucky enough to meet this amazing young lady randomly whilst spending a few nights in Kolkata! I was blown away with her attention to detail, her thought process and her pure talent. I had never wanted a colour tattoo before but Sukanya convinced me it would suit me, and I am so glad she did - The beginning of my sleeve of tattoos as I travel the world and I could not have asked for a more wonderful welcoming and talented artist... and what a story to tell to my friends about that fantastic day!

Flick Nicoll -
Simran Kapoor

Sukanya is so sweet and patient. The qualities a tattoo artist must have, especially when one is getting their first tattoo. I bored her with the entire story of my tattoo and she listened patiently. She explained to me the entire process and gave me the exact tattoo that i had in my mind. The next time i get another tattoo, heaven I'm coming here, and so should you.Ask around for the place Final Touch near Tiljala High School and you'll be here

Simran Kapoor -

The artist

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Sukanya Roy
Sukanya Roy

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